Here Comes the Bridal Car – 6 Tips to Choosing the Perfect One

With so many options out there, choosing the perfect bridal car can quickly turn out to be a headache. For the bride, choosing the car may make her feel like Cinderella, but selecting the wrong transport mode can delay the wedding and lead to plenty of angry guests. So, to get you started in the right direction, the team at has the following professional advice.

Confirm timings

It is critical you decide what times the bride, or yourself, will required wedding transportation. Perhaps it is to and from the church service, to photo session venues, and even to the reception. Even for couples who are doing everything in one place might require a wedding car for some private time during the hectic day.

In addition, when you have the time right, the service provider will also offer you an exact figure of how much hiring the car would cost. It also helps you avoid delays.

Size (it does matter)

As you choose the bride’s ride, know how many people will be traveling along with her. An exact number of passengers will help determine the type and size of bridal car you hire, or even how many you need. Check Platinum Car Hire for more details.

The weather

The weather is a critical point to consider, especially considering how the weather keeps on shifting unexpectedly in many places in Australia. Rain is good, but it can make any bride breakdown, especially if the event was to be held in the open.

Obvious as it may seem, the bride should take extra care to protect herself from the elements during the nuptial’s day. After all, you don’t want your hair and makeup ruined before you have had the chance to put on the ring. For example, a convertible is a trendy option, but it is not ideal for rain- or wind-prone areas.

Function location

Professional drivers at can attest to the importance of thinking through your wedding reception location. As you plan, it is important you have a good idea of the distances you will be traveling between different areas. This will help you avoid paying extra for distances that you had not considered while creating your budget.

Duo climate AC

After all, your wedding day is your day. Other people’s preferences or the weather conditions should not get in the way of enjoying it. It is advisable to pick a car with air conditioning that both the driver and passenger can control from their respective sides. If you prefer being in control, the best option is a limo, which also gives you some peace.

Book early

Many wedding car companies are often booked months in advance, especially in the peak wedding season. Therefore, it is best to pick your best form of transport early so you can secure a booking. Once you have found a company with the type of bridal car you need, do not hesitate to call them for a quote.

Platinum Car Hire is an Adelaide company that provides reliable and personable bridal car services. Their drivers know the local areas and wedding venues best, so log on to and find out what they recommend for your wedding.