How to Keep Your Car Running Forever: 4 Things You Should be Doing Now

Using your vehicle for as long as possible may sound like a stretch and not for everyone, but it is quite possible with persistence and a bit of luck. If you did not know, Irv Gordon holds the world record for the longest distance covered in a private vehicle driving his Volvo P1800 1966 for almost 3.2 million miles – if he can, so can you. According to car service Caboolture professionals, achieving something close to that record requires extending the life of your car and reducing possibilities of mechanical mishaps occurring by doing these four things.

Follow the recommended service schedule

While this sounds like a no-brainer tip, too many car owners out there are either paying little or even no attention to the maintenance schedule as required by manufacturers. You should be following the manufacturer manual and not the dealer since the former built your car and knows what is best.

Ignoring maintenance is especially inexcusable in modern car models with oil life monitoring sensors that alert drivers when it is time to change the oil. You have no excuse for missing a service between the service indicator lights and lengthy intervals for many new cars.

Start easy

You have probably heard someone say that you should floor your car immediately you fire it up to “warm it up.” When the engine is cold, there is little to no oil left in the moving parts, and all the oil is in the oil pan. It will take a couple of seconds for the oil pump to lubricate the engine appropriately.

As you wait, it is critical that you keep the engine RPMs below normal – by not stepping on the gas pedal. Let the engine warm-up for a minimum of 30 seconds before you throw in a gear and drive down the street. If your car has been in parking for more than 24 hours, give it more time to get all the engine parts lubricated.

Check tyre pressure and fluids frequently

All car service Caboolture experts agree that this simple task lasting about 10 minutes can save your car’s engine and save you expensive repairs. For starters, start by checking the most important fluid in your car, the oil. Next, check the radiator overflow level, brake cylinder reservoir, power steering fluid level, and even the hoses and belts under the hood for signs of possible failure.

Start your car and check the transmission fluid level as the engine warms up. Finally, use a pressure gauge to confirm that each tyre has the right PSI. Carry out these checks weekly, but once a month would suffice – apart for tyre pressure, which should be done more often.

Work with an honest mechanic

Try finding a seasoned car service Caboolture mechanic you can trust. One such business is Garry’s Mechanical Repairs company that offers its clients with personalized automotive repair and service.

The right automotive repair company should always be committed to ensuring your safety first by offering outstanding workmanship. It also helps if the company goes out of its way to teach you how to take better care of your car so it stays in your family for years to come!